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Create Your Own Box

You have the option to choose 30flavours of frozen food. The bronze box has some of our standard flavours all the way up to our platinum box with everything in.


About Us

Dunn’s Raw Foods Ltd was established in 2018 by Steve, a lifelong dog owner, who believes wholeheartedly that raw is best for your dogs and cats and that is doesn’t have to cost the earth.

We are DEFRA-registered manufacturers of frozen raw dog and cat foods from locally sourced, human grade meat, mixed with the freshest vegetables, fruit, bone and offal. There are no artificial additives or preservatives in our foods.

Bronze Box

Whats Available:

Chicken (with Bone)
Chicken & Veg
Chicken & Apple
Chicken & Mixed Berries
Chicken & Beef
Chicken & Beef Liver
Chicken & Beef Heart
Chicken, Beef & Veg
Chicken, Beef Liver & Veg
Chicken, Beef Heart & Veg
Chicken & Duck
Chicken & Salmon
Chicken & Turkey
Chicken & Venison
Chicken & Wild Boar
Chicken, Duck & Veg
Chicken, Salmon & Veg
Chicken, Turkey & Veg
Chicken, Venison & Veg
Chicken, Wild Boar & Veg
Chicken & Lamb Liver
Chicken, Lamb Liver & Veg
Chicken & Lamb

Shop Make Your Own Box - BRONZE

Silver Box

Whats Available:

Everything in the bronze box plus:

Chicken & Lamb Heart
Chicken & Beef Tripe
Chicken & Lamb Tripe
Chicken Complete
Chicken & Oily Fish Complete
Chicken Complete with Apple
Chicken Complete with Veg
Chicken & Beef Complete
Chicken, Beef & Veg Complete
Chicken & Lamb Complete
Chicken, Lamb & Veg Complete

Beef & Veg
Beef & Tripe

Lamb & Lamb Tripe
Beef Tripe
Lamb Tripe
Beef Tripe & Veg
Lamb Tripe & Veg
Tripe & Oily Fish
Minced Oily Fish

Shop Make Your Own Box - Silver

Gold Box

Whats Available:

Everything in the bronze & silver box plus:

Free Range Chicken
Free Range Chicken with Veg
Free Range Chicken with Apple
Salmon & Veg
Salmon & Trout

Lamb & Veg

Shop Make Your Own Box - Gold

Platinum Box

Whats Available:

Everything in the bronze, silver & gold box plus:

Chicken Breast (Meat Only)
Chicken Thigh (Meat Only)

Turkey Complete

Beef Heart
Minced Steak
Minced Steak & Mixed Berries
Minced Steak & Veg
Minced Steak & Tripe
Minced Steak, Tripe & Veg
Minced Steak & Heart
Wild Boar
Duck & Veg
Venison & Veg
Wild Boar & Veg

Shop Make Your Own Box - Platinum

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